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Lakeshore Clinic offers more than just massage.
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Lakeshore Clinic
Massage Therapy Centre

Expect a great experience from the moment you step through our doors.

Hear the gentle sounds of the tranquil water feature, friendly greetings from our helpful staff and prompt service that allows you to proceed to enjoy a spectacular massage. It’s all the little touches; like the sheepskin heated tables, lavender eye cushions, aromatherapy essential oils, hot palms techniques, relaxing music (bring your own ipod if you wish) and a parting gift of cold bottled spring water and epsoms salts, that will make your massage experience exceptional at Lakeshore Clinic. 

You truly will get “the best massage in town”

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To book an appointment,
please call 905.33
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Appointments available from 8am-7pm daily and Saturday mornings.